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Bike-to-Work Week Station at Pro-Form

Posted by Jerry Hinnefeld on May 16, 2007

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St.Joseph Co. Bike to Work Day is Thur.May 17. If you are riding to work stop by one of the three commute stations located at the Gridiron Plaza in downtown South Bend, Memorial Hospital, and here at Pro-Form Bike-Run-Swim.

Pro-Form is also extending their commute station onto Friday May 18th. 7:30-10am On both days we will offer free breakfast sandwiches, gift bags full of schwag plus commuting information and to have bikes checked for free. Enter the Pro-Form Bike to Work Day give-a-way! You must ride to work to partake.



4 Responses to “Bike-to-Work Week Station at Pro-Form”

  1. Faisal said

    I will be moving to South Bend in August and will be a student at ND. I was wondering whether it is possible to bike or take a scooter from Clevland and IronWood to ND (I understand there is no bus that runs on Clevland) the distance from my apartment complex to ND is about 2.4 miles. I have to head west on Clevland and then south on Juniper to get to ND. I am specially concerned about winter, will I be able to bike or take a scooter or is a car neccessary?


  2. Jerry Hinnefeld said

    From Cleveland and Ironwood you basically have two choices. One is the route you’ve identified — Cleveland west to Juniper, then south to ND. I’m not up there very often, but it seems to me that Cleveland would be a pretty nasty route on a bicycle or scooter. I don’t normally advocate riding bikes on sidewalks, but this could be a segment where a bicyclist might want to do this. Once you get onto Juniper, you should be fine. Especially since Juniper no longer goes all the way through ND, traffic there should be manageable.

    The other option is to go south on Ironwood to Douglas, then west to either Twyckenham or Juniper. If you go south at Twyckenham, you’ll have a separated bike path from Douglas to Bulla Rd., then an easy ride along Bulla to campus. There might also be a separated bike lane along Douglas now, but I can’t really picture that. I haven’t been on that road in quite a while. Maybe someone who is more familiar with that area could chime in with advice.

    At any rate, the stretch on Ironwood from Cleveland to Douglas is likely to be just about as bad as Cleveland from Ironwood to Juniper.

    Arriving in August, you’ll have a few months to see how the cycling/scootering works out before deciding whether you need a car for the winter months. I never put my bike away for the winter, but there are a number of winter days that are just too cold — or when the roads are too slippery — for me to ride. I have acquaintances who are more resistant to these conditions than I am, though, and ride year-round.

    By the way, welcome (in advance) to ND and South Bend!

  3. Faisal said

    cheers thanks so much! As you say I will give it a try before making any decision to purchase a car.

    I was surprised that there is no bus route along Cleveland.

    thanks again!

  4. Rule 56 said


    Welcome to the neighborhood. I live at the same intersection and commute by bike to downtown South Bend along the same route you’ve identified year-round. There were only three weeks this past February when the roads and sidewalks were completely impassable for me and my bike.

    I agree that riding a bike on a sidewalk is not normally kosher, but for that short distance, on such a busy road, it’s fine and I do it all the time. In fact, there are a number of us who do. Once you get to Juniper, you’re fine to ride on the road. Make sure you’re wearing bright clothing and have lights on the bike and I’m sure you won’t encounter any problems.

    Again, welcome to the neighborhood.

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