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Bike Route to South Bend Airport

Posted by Henry Scott on September 29, 2007

Does anyone know of a safe route to the airport from the downtown South Bend area?  I’ve made the trip several times along Lincoln Way W, and it isn’t too bad.  However, I heard someone recently talking about a better route, and I’d like to give it a try. I’ve also noticed that the city has been constructing some bike/pedestrian paths near the airport; does anyone have information about how (or if) these will eventually connect all the way downtown?

Update: There is a very good bike route from downtown South Bend to the airport as of October 2008. Click HERE for more details and a map.


3 Responses to “Bike Route to South Bend Airport”

  1. Jeff Sutter said

    I’d like to hear about a better route, too.

    There’s a new path along the new Voorde Dr extension into the airport from the east — you can cut up to it from LWW via Sheridan or several other zigs through the area.

    The complaint I have is that Bendix, the main route to Voorde from both the north and south, is a badly designed high-speed deathtrap. No shoulder, berm, parking lane, or side walk available either side for 2 miles. This despite the fact there is plenty of room for bikeways. Because of this dangerous design, there’s no bicycle access to the airport or South Shore station (or any of the businesses in the industrial park) from the north or northeast, except via LWW on the south end.

  2. heck yes!!!!! i have the most enjoyable rt from downtown!!!!!


    or anywhere along the east bank trail….

    to angela

    angela west to riverside

    the just put in a new pathway last year

    ride it all the way

    i work behind the airport so i take it to lathrop from oakside to portage

    its a lovely ride year round

  3. hpscott said

    Thanks Jeff and wandering sage! Looks like the weakest link is Bendix. I haven’t heard anything about future plans, but it sure would be nice to have a safe connection between the front of the airport and Lathrop. I’ve biked along Bendix, but as Jeff mentioned, it leaves much to be desired.

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