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South Bend Code Enforcement to Use Bicycles

Posted by Henry Scott on June 25, 2008

There’s a very interesting and encouraging announcement on the South Bend Code Enforcement website about the city using bicycles for code enforcement inspections.

Here’s a blurb from the announcement:

Prompted by rising gas prices, motivated by Bike-to-Work Week experiences and impressed by a different view than from behind a steering wheel, most of the City of South Bend’s Code Enforcement inspectors will ride their routes on bicycles.


3 Responses to “South Bend Code Enforcement to Use Bicycles”

  1. Adam Bee said

    I think that’s great! I think they’ll be a lot more effective this way. It seems to me it’s a lot easier to see a neighborhood from a bike.

  2. Paul Taylor said

    Here is some additional detail.

  3. Paul Taylor said

    South Bend is certainly being innovative, but they are not alone. Vandalia Ohio is also ‘in the know’ about efficient transportation. Here’s a quote from The Dayton Business Journal.

    Vandalia’s fire inspectors used to drive to four sites a day in heavy duty trucks or beefy four-wheel drive vehicles, powered by V-8 engines.

    These days, the only pistons pumping are the two legs of the inspectors as they ride bikes from site to site.

    Since late June, the fire department implemented plans for fire inspectors to ride bicycles as a measure to save money as fuel prices breached the $4 mark and diesel prices surge close to the $5-per-gallon mark. Across the board, local municipalities and governments are feeling the burn as higher prices send their fuel budgets up in smoke, forcing them to think of ways to adapt.

    “There will eventually be an impact to every community around,” said Vandalia City Manager Jeff Hoagland.

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