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Indiana State Criterium Championship: August 24th

Posted by Henry Scott on June 28, 2008

Note: This post has been edited due to conflicting information early on. The 24th date appears to be accurate. Thanks to Adam and Gerry for finding the latest information. The flier that Gerry mentions in the comments is now available at the TrueSport website; here’s a link to a PDF version: LINK.

The 2008 Indiana State Criterium Championship is tentatively set to be held again this year at Rum Village city park on August 24th.  Registration begins at 10 AM. This is a fun event to watch even for non-racers.  Rumor has it that our own Adam Bee will be racing again this year.  Here’s a picture from the event in 2006:

2006 Indiana State Criterium Championship


4 Responses to “Indiana State Criterium Championship: August 24th”

  1. Adam Bee said

    As far as I can tell, it’s still tentative. At least I haven’t seen a flyer yet for this year.

    I hope it runs, because last year was a lot of fun. It’s a really easy way to watch racing, and such a smooth and safe course that there aren’t too many crashes.

  2. Henry Scott said

    Adam, Thanks for the clarification– it did take longer than I expected to find the date online. I’ll edit the post accordingly.

  3. Gerry Gardetto said

    I just went to and their calendar indicates this event will take place on August 24, 2008.

  4. Gerry Gardetto said

    I just received confirmation that the Indiana State Criterium Championship will be held August 24, 2008 at Rum Village Park.

    I was told the flyer is being finalized and will be posted soon on

    Hope this helps.


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