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Bicyclists raise $15,700 for Sawyer’s children

Posted by Nate Barnett on July 31, 2008

Here is another great article in the Tribune by Joseph Dits. link Being one of the people that attended the ride on Tuesday that did not know Patrick personally, I found the attendance and support from the community to be a testament to how great a person Patrick truly was.

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355 Bikers Show for Patrick Sawyer Memorial Ride

Posted by Jeff Nixa on July 30, 2008

According to an Outpost employee at Tuesday evening’s Pat Sawyer Memorial Ride, 355 bicyclists were present and counted as they left the parking lot of Northpointe School in Granger.   The Ride, organized by Matt Mooney and JV Peacock, was designated as a fundraiser for the Sawyer family.  J.V. said “Our goal is to raise $10,000 for Patrick’s family.”  A large number of donations were received at the event itself, including one cyclist who donated $400, “one hundred for each of Patrick’s children.”

Patrick’s wife Nancy, her children and several other family members were present at the start of the ride, and Nancy was visibly moved by the spectacle of so many riders, of all ages, including families with children who participated in a 4-mile family ride prior to the regular longer rides.   “I can’t believe all this support,” said Nancy, just one day after Patrick’s funeral.  “I don’t even know these people!  I know I will have my bad days, but right now I feel a real lightness and energy from people like these.”

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Press coverage of Patrick Sawyer’s funeral procession.

Posted by Paul Taylor on July 28, 2008

I did not try to count the number of riders; I would guess there were 50 to 100. It was a sad ride, but I was happy to see all the support from the cycling community. Read a news article.

Update (7/31) : A few pictures have been added below by Henry Scott:

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We all need a little space — on the road

Posted by Paul Taylor on July 27, 2008

Commentary by Bill Moor in the South Bend Tribune. Bill is an experienced cyclist who makes some valid observations regarding biking. See his column.

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Funeral Procession Ride with Police Escort: Monday, 7/28 @ 9:30 AM

Posted by Henry Scott on July 25, 2008

This will be a bicycle procession in honor of Patrick on the day of the funeral. We will have a police escort, and it will be a short and somber ride; it is meant to be slow to remember and show respect for our fallen friend. Additionally, we hope to remind motorists of the need to share the road, and the responsibility they have as drivers to be aware of cyclists.

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September 14, 2008: Lions Club Bike Ride

Posted by Paul Taylor on July 24, 2008

Choose your ride: either a mountain bike course, or a road course. Both start at St Patrick’s Park, north of South Bend. Read the rest of this entry »

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NPR:Portland, Ore., Rides Bikes Around High Gas Prices

Posted by Paul Taylor on July 24, 2008

Americans want alternatives to traffic jams and high gas prices. Portland, Oregon, thinks it has found one: convincing residents to commute by bike. Cycling has doubled since 2001. And the city hopes this is just the beginning. Hear the “All Things Considered” feature here:

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Patrick Sawyer Memorial Ride

Posted by Henry Scott on July 23, 2008

There will be a fundraising ride in Pat’s honor next Tuesday night, July 29th. The ride will start from the Northpoint Elementary School in Granger, IN. There will be a prayer at 6 PM immediately preceding the ride.

Update July 28: The Outpost Sports Tent will be set up at 5:00pm for donations at Northpoint School, and after the prayer at 6 PM there will be a 4 mile family-style memorial ride for everyone. Following the 4-mile group ride for everyone there will be several group rides covering varying distances at different paces.

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Sunday Tribune had 2 great cyling articles

Posted by Nate Barnett on July 23, 2008

It was nice to see that there were not one, but two articles related to cycling this weekend.  The first one, “Elkhart cyclist still strong at 80” was an article about Carl Grove an avid cyclist celebrating his 80th birthday Link. The other, “Who needs $4 gas?” is an article about the just opened Avenue Bicycle Station on Mishawaka Ave.Link. Definitely worth a read.

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Is it time to update Indiana Bike Laws?

Posted by Paul Taylor on July 23, 2008

Indiana, like all other states, has some rinky dink laws,  some too-restrictive laws,  some dated laws, and some missing laws. I think it is time for change.

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