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Sights and scenery of St. Joseph County

Posted by Nate Barnett on July 3, 2008

With summer in full swing I am constantly reminded why bicycling is the best way to enjoy the sights and scenery of St. Joseph County. On a ride last week I snapped a few pics of the eye-catching things that I encounter on my commutes to work.

I have always loved the look of rolled hay.

This is something you don’t see all of the time but here they are a few camels about a half mile west of 23 on New road.

A few horses close to home.

The picture doesn’t do it justice but this is a nice ravine on the back side of Potato Creek near the intersection of Oak and New road.

This is one of my favorite roads on the south side of South Bend. Oak road between State Road 4 and Kern road with Light traffic, smooth road, and nice rolling hills to enjoy.

This tree farm is on Kern road just east of Oak. It’s hard to believe that it takes that long for these beautiful trees to mature.

This bike path runs between Lilac and Linden. It looks a bit rough for me to try on my road bike.

If you have a few pictures of your favorite routes I would love to see them.

Here’s a Google Map of my 24 mile commute route:


3 Responses to “Sights and scenery of St. Joseph County”

  1. Henry Scott said

    Great pictures, Nate! And, thanks for adding the map showing your route!

  2. Adam Bee said

    Nice! I’ll have to update the Michiana Bike Map with some of those roads. Or if you’d like to become a contributor to the Bike Map and update it yourself, lemme know and I’ll get you set up!

  3. natebarn said

    Adam, I would be more than happy to include some of the road info from the south east side of the county for you. Just send me an email on how I can contribute.

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