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Bike Station Survey

Posted by Nate Barnett on August 15, 2008

After the recent Bike Station Planning Meeting on August 8th 2008, there was a consensus that the first thing that needed to be understood is who would be interested in using a bike station located in South Bend, and what services would they like to see offered at this proposed bike station. Your answers to the below survey will help us understand the wants and needs of bicyclists in our community.




2 Responses to “Bike Station Survey”

  1. Kathleen said

    How nice it would be to have a secure place to lock my bike and personal belongings and take a shower if necessary, or at least freshen up when riding my bike into South Bend. Where’s there’s quality of life, people will be drawn and where there are people, business will follow. We need to stop thinking that we need to race to the bottom by catering to businesses (tax abatement give-aways for example) to develop our community. Let’s make our community a great place to live by incorporating QUALITY OF LIFE amenities such as a downtown Bike Station.

  2. Nate Barnett said

    I would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to answer the survey questions. For those that haven’t yet, your ideas and opinions would be very helpful while were exploring the needs and wants of the community. So if you know anyone that would be interested in taking the survey please let them know.

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