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Indiana Bicycle Legislation – minor tweaks make major moves

Posted by Paul Taylor on October 31, 2008

The team has completed a working document, which contains all the legal changes they’ve agreed to. This is far from the final bill, but all the issues have been discussed, and are ready for a detailed review. The team’s goal is to make Indiana a more bicycle friendly state, largely by making it a more bicycle safe state. 

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Utility Bike Comparison

Posted by Phil G-E on October 25, 2008

Roy Wallack wrote an article comparing Sport Utility Bikes in the Los Angeles Times on October 6th. According to the Times, Irvine-based endurance cyclist Roy M. Wallack is the co-author of “Bike for Life: How to Ride to 100.” The article looks at the Yuba Mundo, Surly Big Dummy, Xtracycle FreeRadical Conversion Kit, and the Kona AfricaBike One.

I’m biased – I primarily ride an Xtracycle modified bike and love it for it’s stability and utility. It’s no curb jumper, but does make an excellent “station wagon/pick-up truck.”

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Taking a Folding Bike on the South Shore and Metra Lines [South Bend to Argonne National Lab]

Posted by Henry Scott on October 24, 2008

Since acquiring a folding bike a few months ago, I’ve written about my experiences coupling it with Amtrak and Greyhound for door-to-door intermodal public transportation (here and here, respectively). This post is about my latest experience, the key components of which involved taking the bike on the South Shore commuter train from South Bend to downtown Chicago and a Metra train from Chicago to Downers Grove. It was a great trip!

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St. Joseph County Parks ask for help on five-year plan

Posted by Paul Taylor on October 22, 2008

Bill and Judy Lee have passed along an invitation to attend a Master Plan Forum. In a recent e-mail, they report that “Part of the plan could & should deal with bike trails.  There has been talk for many years of making the old rail bed that parallels 933 from South Bend to Niles an all-purpose trail.  A section from the Toll Road entrance to Cleveland road was completed a few years ago, but then nothing happened as far as extending it further north.  Lately there has been talk about finishing the section of the LaSalle Trail from Cleveland road to the new Darden road trail. This Forum will be an excellent opportunity for area bicyclist to show their support for bike trails in St. Joseph County.  If the Park Department sees a lot of interest they may consider extending it even further north or start work on other trails that have been talked about for years.”

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Bike Fun and Safety Fair at IU South Bend: Tuesday, 11/18

Posted by lhierony on October 21, 2008

The IU South Bend Nursing Department is having a bike fair in honor of Patrick Sawyer who was one of our students. He was due to graduate in a few weeks, when he was fatally hit by a drunk driver while riding his bicycle. The Nursing Department is looking for any groups or bike shops that are willing to participate to make this a fun and educational event for our campus and community. Please see the letter below details.

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New Bike Lanes on South Bend’s West Side Create an Excellent Downtown-to-Airport Bike Route

Posted by Henry Scott on October 20, 2008

Looking East on W Colfax

Looking East on W Colfax (Toward a One-Way Section; W Lasalle is at Left)

A little over a year ago, I wrote about the need for a good bicycle route from downtown to the airport. I was particularly interested to know if there were plans to connect the nice (but very short) separated bike / pedestrian path on Voorde Dr with a route all the way to downtown.

Although I was aware that South Bend was in the process of striping new lanes on the city’s west side, it didn’t occur to me until this weekend that there is now a great route all the way from downtown to the airport! In my humble opinion, the city hit a home run with this route selection: it is safe, pleasant and hits several major destinations.

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Extended Lanes on Twyckenham Dr Have Been Striped!

Posted by Henry Scott on October 18, 2008

Looking North Just Past Monroe St

Looking North Just Past Monroe St

As was announced a couple of weeks ago by South Bend City Planner Chris Dressel, the bicycle lanes along Twyckenham Dr are being extended. Previously, the lanes were only between South Bend Ave and McKinley Ave, but they will now continue, albeit intermittently, all the way south to Ewing Ave.

The image at left is looking north from where E Monroe T’s into Twyckenham. A parking lane is still available on the east side of the road, but the bike lane is right up against the curb on the western side. It will be interesting to how this all ties into the development associated with the Eddy St Commons project. Details about the Twyckenham / South Bend Ave intersection can be found here.

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Continued Progress on the Darden Rd Bike / Pedestrian Path

Posted by Henry Scott on October 18, 2008

Looking East Along Darden Rd

Looking East Along Darden Rd

My wife and I took a very nice ride from South Bend to Niles this afternoon — what a great day for it! The fall colors are in full force, and the sun was out. Seeing the progress along Darden was a nice surprise, and I’m very much looking forward to the completion of the second phase of the Riverside Trail for improved connectivity.

As Paul Taylor wrote back in July, a separated bicycle and pedestrian path is being constructed along the south side of Darden Rd from Riverside to 933. This project seems to be taking a while, but it looks like there will be a good payoff. See Paul’s post for more details about the project.

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Gubernatorial Candidates: Their Positions on Cycling

Posted by Paul Taylor on October 17, 2008

The Indiana Bicycle Coalition recently asked Jill Long Thompson and Mitch Daniels for their positions on biking and bike issues. Both candidates responded to the IBC.

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Why I Ride: Winter Edition

Posted by Adam Bee on October 13, 2008

Phil G-E’s post on winter cycling (below) reminded me of my all-time favorite ad:

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