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Trainer Nights

Posted by Adam Bee on December 9, 2008

Spinzone rides Wednesdays at 6pm, and ProForm rides Tuesdays at 6pm

If you’re like me, you eat more in the winter and get less time on the bike. Pumpkin pie and eggnog conspire with short days and slushy roads to sap away whatever fitness I accrue over the summer.

Sure, I’ve got a stationary trainer, a set of Sportscrafter rollers, and some training DVDs to watch, but it gets so boring!

Luckily, SpinZone and ProForm are each hosting trainer parties all winter. 6pm, Proform on Tuesdays and SpinZone on Wednesdays. You just show up with your bike and trainer (or call ahead to borrow one), and they pop in a DVD out of your collection.

It’s a weird and uncanny phenomenon, but training with other people is actually much easier than sweating alone in your basement. Spinning classes across the country will be packed come January, but now there’s no need for us to wait ’til New Years to fight our fatty fate!


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