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Street View comes to Michiana

Posted by Adam Bee on December 12, 2008

Google Maps (along with its predecessor Mapquest) have changed the way we drive, with on-demand customized directions.  Now it can even change the way we look at our built environment, with its new Street View feature.

Street View allows users to geographically browse through Google’s vast collection of 360-degree street-level photos.  Nearly every building in America now has a browseable photo of it.  It’s basically like taking a walk down any street in America.

For a while Street View has been available only in large cities, but the database has expanded outwards from there.  Now Street View is available all across Michiana.  Photos of your house, from two or three angles, is now Googlable.

Privacy advocates may shudder, but this service certainly makes giving directions much easier.  You don’t have to say, “It’s the 12th house on the right, the one with a door and windows.”  You’d just include a link to your house on Street View.

Even better though, is that cyclists can now get a good sense of what a road looks like before finding themselves on it.  I think this will be a big help to the Michiana Bike Map project, for example.  It can often be difficult to picture in your head what a certain road on a map looks like in person, but Street View makes that conceptual leap trivial.


4 Responses to “Street View comes to Michiana”

  1. Henry Scott said

    Yikes! My house shows up quite clearly… kinda creepy, but I definitely see the utility for route mapping.

  2. Jeff Sutter said

    Henry, is that you in that window? What are you drinking? 😉

  3. Paul Taylor said

    I think Henry is home free. A guy at work was checking out his sister’s house, and saw his brother-in-law mowing the lawn. The guy’s face was blurred out, but I guess his stature was unmistakable. So if Scott was in the window, I guess his identity would be safe…still…I wonder what he would be drinking.

  4. Henry Scott said

    You guys are killing me! 🙂 Must be Ovaltine…what else?

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