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Talk about tough winter riding…

Posted by Phil G-E on December 24, 2008

From the New York Times
Video Library Player:  Riders Through the Snow  

During the Iditarod Trail Invitational, racers brave hundreds of miles of frozen Alaskan wilderness on foot, ski or bicycle. 

This video focuses on two men training for the race by bike. Talk about tough winter riding!

If the link above doesn’t work, try CLICKING HERE or the link below


5 Responses to “Talk about tough winter riding…”

  1. Paul Taylor said

    Thanks for the post Phil. Who all wants to join Phil & I in the Iditarod next year? I loved their mittens…the hardest thing to keep warm in my winter riding is my hands.

  2. Adam Bee said

    Awesome. Where can I get gloves like that? You could serve a pizza with those things!

    That is really impressive!

  3. Phil G-E said

    Those mitts are very much like the Climitts I recently purchased. See the Ready for Winter topic a while back. They’re well worth the money. You really don’t need (or want) expedition weight “pogies” (as these kind of on-handle bar mitts are known) for our climate – they’d be way too much. The Climitts do the job well for me.

  4. Adam Bee said

    Oh neat! They basically just wrap around the whole handlebar, huh? Not really mittens at all, so you keep full control of shifting and braking, it appears. Ingenious!

  5. Phil G-E said

    I usually wear a light fleece liner glove and my regular fingerless biking gloves over those with my hands in the Climitts on the bars. When it’s below 20, I wear a second fleece glove over the liner gloves and don’t wear the bike gloves. It takes a bit to get used to putting your hands in and out, but it’s fairly easy after a few rides. Of course, to each their own. I find them indispensable.


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