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Winter 2009 BMC Bike Summit

Posted by Henry Scott on January 19, 2009

wintersummit09The Bike Michiana Coalition held a bike summit on Saturday the 17th, and it was attended by representatives from an impressive array of local cycling groups, including: Bicycle Friendly Community Team, Bike Station Planning Team, Bike to Work Week, Chain Reaction Bicycle Project, Courteous Mass, Friends of Granger Paths, Friends of Pumpkinvine, Ghost Bikes, Indiana Bicycle Coalition, Indiana Bicycle Legislative Team, MBA, NIMBA, Notre Dame Cycling Team, and Paint the Town with Bicycle Lanes.

Notably, the summit was facilitated by Jeffery Miller, the president and CEO of Thunderhead Alliance for Biking and Walking and Steve Buchtel, the southland coordinator for the Active Transportation Alliance. The meeting was generously hosted by Tim Maher and Mike Palmer of Barnes & Thornburg.

Minutes from the summit [pdf] were taken by Karen Taylor.


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