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Bike Michiana Coalition is Awarded Tax Exempt Status

Posted by Paul Taylor on March 31, 2009

The BMC has been classified as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity by the Internal Revenue Service. As such, the organization is exempt from state and federal income taxes.

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SB553 – Bicycles and Traffic Safety Bill Passes

Posted by Paul Taylor on March 31, 2009

Nancy Tibbett was in the gallery at today’s House session. Here are the highlights of the session.

  • The bill passed 60 – 36.
  • Several Representatives spoke before the vote: she didn’t get the names of all of them, but all were in favor except Craig Fry, who said something like “bicyclists would not need to worry about getting hit if they stayed off the roads”.
  • Tim Neese was one of the speakers in favor of the bill.
  • One person who spoke in favor was a motorcyclist, who noted that the single-file rule was ill advised: “how can a cyclist pass another bike and remain in single file?”

Next step is the reconciliation process. There, the group will reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions. Here are the differences.

  • the 3′ clearance rule was added
  • tail light requirement was removed
  • carrying a bundle provision was added back in, but with exceptions for  ‘personal care’ items such as holding a water bottle
  • prohibition of riding double on state and federal highways was added
  • requirement of a bell was removed

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A bit of humor…

Posted by Phil G-E on March 29, 2009

Just saw this and thought some folks might appreciate it.

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Best Climbs in Michiana

Posted by Adam Bee on March 28, 2009

Where are they? Have are my fave five:
1. Bertrand west of St. Joseph River
Long, smooth, winding, easily accessible, with moderate traffic.  I hit this on at least 90% of my rides.
2. Garland in south South Bend, east of the south end of Twyckenham
A punchy, short, steep climb in a neighborhood filled with inclines. It lends itself unusually well to repeats since you can easily loop it rather than having to turn around at the top like most climbs. The massive houses are fun to look at, too.
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Contact Your State Representative TODAY

Posted by Adam Bee on March 27, 2009

SB 553 will come to a vote on Monday, March 30.  This bill has many new updates to better regulate and protect modern cyclists, including:

  • 3-foot passing requirement
  • Use of either right or left arm for signaling
  • Ability to proceed through an intersection, when clear, if unable to trigger the traffic signal sensor

BUT, one provision has been added which is problematic.  The bill would restrict cyclists to ride single-file on all state and federal highways.

Why is that a bad idea?  Because it actually worsens safety and convenience for cyclists and drivers.

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Maryland Considers 3-ft Passing Law

Posted by Adam Bee on March 26, 2009

A Baltimore columnist makes the case for why even obnoxious cyclists should be protected:

Delegates, imagine your best friend has a young adult son or daughter who is enjoying a glorious day pedaling through the scenic valleys outside Baltimore. That bicyclist is obeying the law, staying as far right as possible. But the driver coming up from behind at 50 mph is in a hurry, feeling stressed and in a bad mood.

Consider the worst – and how you’d explain a “No” vote to your friend.

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Part 1 Bike Friendly Community Application Submitted

Posted by petercolan on March 25, 2009

Part 1 of the Bike Friendly Community (BFC) application for South Bend was submitted today, March 10.   Part 1 is actually a minor part of the overall BFC application process, but much work had to be done just to get to this point.  Part 1 formally recognizes:

a) the commitment of South Bend to become recognized as a Bike Friendly Community

b) the existence of  a Bicycle Master Plan

c) the assignment of a Bicycle Coordinator for South Bend (Chris Dressel)

d) the existence of a formal coordinating body for bicycle issues and citizen input (Bike Michiana Coalition)

e) the desire of our community to pursue Part 2 of the application process

Part 2 is very comprehensive, involving Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, Evaluation and Planning, and Feedback.  Everyone in our community who has something of significance to share is encouraged to contribute to completing Part 2, and we will let you know shortly how you can do that.  Stay tuned!    — Pete Colan, Spin Zone Cycling

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“Heads collided with bullets flying the wrong way”

Posted by Adam Bee on March 24, 2009

Matthew Yglesias says it well:

Four people ranging in age from 19 to 21 were killed early yesterday in Culpeper County, Va., when their car collided with a vehicle that was going the wrong way, Virginia State Police said.

Nobody would ever write “four people ranging in age from 19 to 21 were killed early yesterday in Culpepper County, Va., when their heads collided with bullets that were flying in the wrong direction.”

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Pictures from the Safetytown Criterium

Posted by Henry Scott on March 24, 2009

img_6074jpgMy brother Sam visited this past weekend, and on Sunday we made our way over to Rum Village to see some of the Safetytown Criterium and practice photographing moving objects. Unfortunately for us we didn’t make it until the last race, but we had a great time watching the Men’s Category A riders. Click the image at right if you’d like to see some of our pictures.

The Rum Village course is great for spectators! The loop is only 0.9 miles, and based on the time stamps from my photos the riders came by just about every two minutes — apparently averaging upwards of 28 mph for over an hour! I very much hope this becomes an annual event; the Notre Dame cycling team did a great job with this!

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MBA Swap Meet: Sat. March 28th

Posted by Henry Scott on March 23, 2009

The annual MBA swap meet will be held this coming Saturday, March 28th at the Pinhook Park Pavilion (see map below). According to the April MBA newsletter [PDF], members can begin setting up at noon, and the swap meet will officially be from 1:00 to 3:30 p.m.

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