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Ride from ND to Goshen Ride of Silence

Posted by Adam Bee on May 20, 2009

Since there is a Ride of Silence in Goshen but not South Bend tonight, I plan to ride from ND to Lincoln Avenue Cycle.  The route is 30 miles, so I plan to leave at 4:45 sharp to make it there by 6:45.  If you’d like to ride along, show up at the Main Circle of Notre Dame before 4:45.  Make sure your bike has lights; I plan to return by 9:15 or 9:30, so we might be racing the sunset a bit on the way back.

Here is the route I plan to take (LINK).  I’ve never ridden most of those easterly roads, so I can’t guarantee their safety or comfort.  Let me know if you have suggestions on a better route!


3 Responses to “Ride from ND to Goshen Ride of Silence”

  1. Brian Long said

    Hey Adam, You might want to try Kern. Roosevelt goes from pavement to dirt in sections. Kern is rolling once you are in Elkhart, but a bit better then dirt. I would watch riding back at night. Most of my rides are out that way and people fly down those county roads.

  2. Adam Bee said

    Ah, I see what you mean now, looking at the Google Map satellite view. I’ll update the route. Thanks!

  3. Phil G-E said

    You could always load up on blinkies for the ride home at Lincoln Ave… 😉

    I’ll be there on my trusty TreXtracycle (Trek 4300 plus Xtracycle).

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