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Copenhagenize Michiana

Posted by Adam Bee on June 14, 2009

Over half of Copenhagen’s million-plus citizens take their bikes every day. is a blog covering how the city transformed from being as car-addicted as any other to becoming the cycling capital of the world.

I find Copenhagenize is mostly useful as a sort of “best practices” check.  Throughout the Netherlands and much of Europe, everyday utility cycling is a part of life.  People don’t wear lycra or helmets.  They carry their kids in the front of their cargo bikes.  They ride crappy old steel frames rather than the latest aluminum or carbon.  They don’t drive to places to ride, they just ride wherever they are.  Cycling isn’t just a sport, but also an easy, useful, and safe way to get around.

Copenhagenize and it’s sister Copenhagen Cycle Chic are refreshing contrasts to the culture of fear and money built up around cycling in the US.  I propose that we all take as our ultimate aim the Copenhagenization of our communities, and to reject the forces that seek to make cycling less a natural part of everyday life and more a dangerous, elite sport for the fit, rich, and privileged.


One Response to “Copenhagenize Michiana”

  1. Adam Bee said

    I should note, though, that these groups of characteristics (cycling in normal clothes, on old cruisers, with no helmets, in separated bike lanes, with high licensing requirements for drivers, etc) are simply correlated.

    There’s no way of telling which caused which, and further there’s no evidence that its optimal or could even work here.

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