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Police Bicycles stolen

Posted by Paul Taylor on June 26, 2009

Witnesses saw two young men jump on the unattended police bikes and ride away. The incident occurred Friday afternoon in downtown South Bend. Read the full story in the South Bend Tribune.


3 Responses to “Police Bicycles stolen”

  1. Paul Taylor said

    The bikes have been found, abandoned and undamaged, just 4 blocks from where they were stolen. Read the full story in The South Bend Tribune:

  2. Brian Long said

    If this does not convince everybody to not leave your bike unlocked I don’t know what will. That is balls to steal 2 police bikes. If their bikes are not safe no ones is.

  3. Paul Taylor said

    The officer who had two patrol bikes stolen is dealt a one day suspension, without pay, according to the South Bend Tribune. One bike was hers, and one was her partner’s, who had temporarily left his under her watchful eye. The officer was in violation of the police department’s “duty manual” because she lost the bikes through negligence. She had left them unlocked while she stepped into a nearby bank to fill up a water bottle.

    Read the full story at the South Bend Tribune

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