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“Friends of Granger Paths” Seeking Support for MACOG Grant

Posted by Henry Scott on October 9, 2009

Friends of Granger PathsFriends of Granger Paths is one step closer to receiving a TE (Transportation Enhancement) grant from MACOG for the construction of a path along Adams Rd near the Mary Frank school, and they are asking for public support.

Specifically, Friends of Granger Paths asks those in favor to submit supportive comments to the Policy Board, using the official Comment Form (MS Word or PDF version). As indicated on the Comment Form, you may submit your comments either by postal mail or email. You do NOT need to live in Granger to submit a comment. Please see below for specific points and instructions that would be helpful for your comments:

  • Request that board members approve/support the 3 phases of TE funding for Friends of Granger Paths listed in the Draft 2009-2014 TIP
  • Ask board members to support a 80/20 split on all phases of the proposal (PE, RW, CN)
  • Your subject should be “MACOG FY 2009-2014 TIP Comments Friends of Granger Paths” if you email your comments. You might also put it on your envelope if you mail it.
  • Note: Comments are due by October 20th!

Guide to Abbreviations:

TE: Transportation Enhancement. This is grant money from the federal government that state governments get to do paths, sidewalks, bike lanes, ped. bridges, etc. Counties, cities and groups (like Granger Paths) apply for these funds as they are made available. Indiana has a 80/20 match (some states have a 90/10 match) which means that the city, county, or group has to come up with the 20%.

PE: Preliminary Engineering
RW: Right of Way
CN: Construction


9 Responses to ““Friends of Granger Paths” Seeking Support for MACOG Grant”

  1. William Schooler said

    Please consider this request seriously. Our families, and especially our children, need safe places where they can walk and bike. This is a critical step in realizing that goal. As pastor of Saint Pius X Catholic Church in Granger, and as an avid cyclist myself, I fully support this action.

    Fr. William Schooler

  2. Gary Andert said

    With chilhood diabetes and the obesity rate on the rise, communities should be doing anything and eveything to encourage youth to get some exercise.
    Communities around this great country are embracing the use of multi-use paths. All one to do is witness the use of South Bend’s Riverside Trail to see that the Granger Path’s system would not only offer Safes Routes to School, but would be used by others in the community.

  3. Cecil Eastman said

    I whole-heartedly approve the Granger Paths project as presented in Draft 2009-2014 TIP and would urge the board members to approve an 80/20 split on all phases of the proposal (PE, RW, CN). Please consider the many advantages this path would have for the local community as well as how its goal coincides with responsible public health policy.

    As a person who lives in a suburban community with no non-motorized route available to desired destinations, please let the Granger project serve as a shining example of what our community can accomplish and intends to accomplish for the benefit of our residents now and in the near future.

  4. Larry A. Catanzarite said

    The Granger Paths Project Draft 2009-2014 Tip is a very vital step forward for this community. If one has any question regarding the economic impact of these types of projects, one only has to look to the Monon Trail that is just north of Indianapolis and runs through the Carmel district. There is no argument regareding the health and recreation benefits provided by these projects, what is often overlooked is the tremendous economic impact of such projects. Our community is “trudging” forward with projects such as above. This progress has been acheived by the tremendous efforts of many “citizen” groups. If we continue to push elected officials on the value fo both Health and Lifestyle benefits, but also the economic implications, hopefully the above project will ony serve as a beggining.

    Larry Catanzarite
    St. Joseph County Park Board.

  5. Chris Murphy said

    I am not in favor of this at all. The community is in an economic downturn, officials are raising taxes, spending continues to rise. When is this going to stop? At the moment we cannot afford to spend money for projects that just are not worth the cost. I know we perceive that there is plenty of cyclist, walkers, joggers etc. That is just not the case. These paths will not get more people to enjoy the outdoors just wishful thinking of outdoorsman. Take a step away and look from the outside, at the moment we cannot afford this project. Chris Murphy

  6. Tony Neice said


    I must admit I am a bit disappointed in reading your post. Do you not understand what this site is all about and the views supported here in. If you are looking for a sympathetic audience, I suggest you seek it elsewhere, especially if you are attempting to infuence the decision of those we are in supporting this effort. Descent if you must, but make sure your target audience is in your camp, otherwise you have wasted your time. Or, maybe we should thank you as your comments might be the motivation to push those in favor of obtaining the grant to take action.May those with the best interest of the communities we work, live, and play in win!!

  7. Paul Taylor said

    The MACOG Policy Board approved the grant on October 21. There were over 900 positive comments from the public, which helped lead to the vote of approval.

    The next hurdle for Granger Paths is the State of Indiana for approval and funding of 20% match.

    Stay tuned…

  8. We chose to live in the Granger area knowing there were no sidewalks or bike paths. Now we are going to go to the government for a hand out to get something we chose not to have? Seems contrary to what I beleive. I am not looking for any sympathy. I’m sure this is going to pass with or without my input. Just saying the way I feel when asked. Sorry I don’t agree with everything posted.

  9. Paul Taylor said

    The South Bend Tribune ran a story on the $571,200 Federal Grant. The grant covers new sidewalks and a multi-use path in library and school areas of Granger. But be patient: construction isn’t anticipated until 2011.

    Read the full Tribune story at, or get details at

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