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Model bike commuter Program

Posted by Paul Taylor on November 21, 2009

My son’s employer has a program to encourage employees and students to be bike commuters. The employer is Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) in Portland Oregon.

Here is an outline of the program.

 Program Guidelines:
You Must:  Be an OHSU employee or student
Live a minimum of 2 miles from OHSU
Bike the day of your card punch
Have a biking item present at card punch
Abide with the OHSU Code of Conduct

How It Works:
Once you have an OHSU ID Badge, acquire a card through the below locations and receive card punches each day you bike to work. The cards are monthly. After 30 cumulative punches, return your card to Transportation and Parking Customer Service, through the front counter or mail, for 1 of 3 incentives:

1 month free parking if you participate in the payroll parking program
$35 credit toward your bus pass if you participate in the TriMet or C-TRAN programs
$50 (pre-tax) check if you are not enrolled in the parking or bus programs


One Response to “Model bike commuter Program”

  1. Adam Bee said

    Sounds good to me! I wonder if it might even end up saving the university money by reducing heathcare costs and group insurance premiums?

    Just compare employees who live 1.9 miles away and those who live 2.1 miles away. Or, they could have randomized the eligibility for the program in some other way.

    Great stuff! Hope it catches on at ND.

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