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South Bend Tops State for Bike Commuting

Posted by Henry Scott on June 1, 2010

As reported on May 26th in Inside Indiana Business, the 2008 census indicates that South Bend is Indiana’s leading city for bicycle commuting. Congratulations and thanks to the cyclists, volunteers and city employees who have made this happen. There is still work to be done, but the recent progress is impressive!


4 Responses to “South Bend Tops State for Bike Commuting”

  1. Laura Hieronymus said

    I am shocked…especially after riding on the Monon Trail down in Indy last weekend. There were hundreds of riders out there!

  2. Adam Bee said


    Don’t get me wrong– I’m a huge fan of South Bend’s diversified transportation portfolio, and I agree that the city’s definitely seen an explosion in cycling in the past few years.

    But I feel obliged to caution that this particular number is a straw man. I’ve seen it quoted in a few places already, but let me just warn that these particular stats won’t hold up under any scrutiny. It’s harmless enough for now, but cycling advocates might want to think twice before putting much credibility on the line for ACS estimates at the local level. The 2009 numbers won’t come out for a few more months, and I hope everyone’s forgotten about this particular press release before then.

  3. Paul Taylor said

    Adam. Good to hear from you again. You have been silent too long. But don’t be such a pessimist. While it’s true that the margin of error in the ACS data is quite high, we’ll brag about it all day long.

    If next year’s bike commuting data is disappointing, We’ll simply find something else to brag about, like how well the ND football team is doing. Or something…we’ll find something. Or maybe we’ll blame the disappointing statistics on the high margin of error, and not talk about it very much.

  4. Adam Bee said

    Yes, I’ve been out of the loop to focus on finishing up the dissertation. The nerd in me couldn’t resist commenting, though.

    On the bright side, when I tried to replicate the stat, I end up with 1,073 cyclists rather than the 933 quoted. I’m not sure why I get different numbers, but it seems South Bend might be doing even better than previously reported!

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