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South Bend Unveils Plan to Complete River Walk

Posted by Henry Scott on February 17, 2011

The City of South Bend has issued a media release regarding its preferred plan to connect the river walk between South Bend and Mishawaka. South Bend’s river walk currently stops at the IUSB campus, but the new section will extend it to Logan St, and thus provide connectivity to the Mishawaka river walk. For more information, please see the city’s media release or the article published today in the South Bend Tribune (freely available for one week).


2 Responses to “South Bend Unveils Plan to Complete River Walk”

  1. Adam Bee said

    Awesome! With the 80/20 split in funding, the city seems to stand a decent chance to recoup its share and more over the life of the path, as property values increase. I’m also impressed that they found a way to keep those old fieldstone walls, which I think are very pretty.


  2. eddy muzzetti said

    so are they connected now?

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