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South Bend’s Northside Trail Public Hearing

Posted by Paul Taylor on October 28, 2011

The Bike/Ped trail design has been virtually completed, and will be presented to the public at 6:00 on Wednesday, November 2, at the Nuner Primary Center, located at 2716 Pleasant Street.

In the meeting, the public will learn about the design specifics, as well as the impact the trail may have on the historic structures in the area, and a projected construction timetable. After the presentations, there will be a public statement session where citizens will be invited to offer comments.

The trail design calls for a 1.21 mile shared use path, 8 to 10 feet wide and some sections of Northside Boulevard will be closed to motor vehicles. The path will approximately follow the yellow line in the above map.

See for an interactive map.


2 Responses to “South Bend’s Northside Trail Public Hearing”

  1. Larry Prout said

    Who was the idiot engineer that thought up this route? This city wastes more money than the feds. It’s time they fired all of ’em and get some intelligent people in there.

  2. Paul Taylor said

    In an ‘offline’ e-mail exchange with Larry Prout, he more fully explained his position. He said: “It’s not the trail specifically its the closing of the northside blvd and at the same time narrowing pleasant street which once northside is closed will see a big increase of traffic which happens to go right by a school. There is NO rational reason to have narrowed pleasant street. I could easily name a dozen or more things this city has thrown money away on but it wouldn’t stop them from continuing.”

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