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Inaugural ‘Share the Road….Every Life Counts’ Procession

Posted by Paul Taylor on April 15, 2012

Wednesday, May 2nd

Call for Riders, Walkers, Drivers and Wheelchair Users in South Bend, Indiana

A coalition of local citizens seeking to promote road-sharing awareness and enhance area transportation safety announces its inaugural Share the Road….Every Life Counts procession, Wednesday, May 2. This event is the first of its kind featuring a positive, proactive approach to urge road-sharing awareness. All citizens are encouraged to join the Share the Road….Every Life Counts procession.

The procession can be joined by bicyclists, motorcyclists and motorists at the Medical Plaza parking lot immediately north of the Indiana 23 Toll Road overpass at 5:30 p.m. Citizens wishing to walk, parents with strollers and wheelchair users will meet at Howard Park at 6:15.

Both legs of the procession will conclude at the north side of the County-City building in downtown South Bend. A news conference highlighting the need for understanding and mutual respect among public transportation pathway users will be held at 7:00 p.m. and will feature procession organizers, Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and other elected officials.

For more information please contact Yatish Joshi at or at
(574) 288-3459.

4 Responses to “Inaugural ‘Share the Road….Every Life Counts’ Procession”

  1. Paul Taylor said

    Cyclists returning from downtown to the procession starting point will pick their own routes. There are 3 suggestions: 1) return the same way they came; 2) an 8.5 mile route at or 3) a 10 mile route at

    To view these routes, copy and paste the http address into your browser window. And be patient, because the maps load rather slowly.

  2. Christy Runion said

    where can i order these stickers my brother and his best friend were riding their bicycles and were hit by a car and killed i would like to get some of these

  3. Paul Taylor said

    Thanks for your interest Christy. As you know, I have replied to you ‘offline’. Others with a similar interest can comment, and I will give you specifics. I am not making the information generally available at this time, because our supplies of decals are limited.

  4. Christy Runion said

    no problem thanks

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