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Bike Michiana Coalition

The Bike Michiana Coalition (BMC) is a local non-profit bicycle-advocacy organization with the primary goals of facilitating communication between other bicycle groups and promoting advocacy action when special needs arise in the community. 

The BMC is related, but not identical to the Bike Michiana website; contributors to do not need to be affiliated with the BMC.


The Bike Michiana Coalition seeks a more bicycle-friendly community by:

  1. Encouraging bicycling for commuting and recreation;
  2. Expanding and improving bicycle infrastructure; and
  3. Educating citizens and government about bicycle safety, laws and the community benefits of cycling.


  • Bicyclists feel safe riding throughout Michiana
  • Bicyclists of all ages are taught safe bicycling in the community and schools
  • Traffic laws pertaining to bicycles are clear and facilitate safe cycling
  • Traffic laws are obeyed by, and enforced for, both cyclists and motorists
  • Employers and schools encourage bicycle commuting
  • Bicycle access, safety and infrastructure are integrated into the planning of any public or private construction project
  • Partnerships are fostered between bicyclists and community health care, environmental and sustainability groups
  • All of Michiana is recognized as a Bicycle Friendly Community

The current officers are as follows:

President: Judy Lee
Vice President: Pete Jank
Secretary: Pete Jank
Treasurer: Henry Scott
Events Marketing Director: J.V. Peacock
At Large: Mike Atkins and Paul Taylor

For more information, contact Judy Lee at

The BMC was formed during the first Michiana Bike Summit which was organized by Jeff Nixa and held on August 7th, 2008 (it was announced on HERE and a followup description of the meeting was posted HERE).

Join the BMC Email List: Instructions

BMC Documents (in PDF format):
Incorporation Documents
EIN Assignment
501(c)(3) Application To IRS
501(c)(3) Acceptance From IRS
Indiana NP-20 Application for Sales Tax Exemption
Schematic Relationship Between BMC and Other Michiana Bicycle Organizations

Minutes from BMC Meetings and Activities:
April 16th, 2010 (minutes from the Spring 2010 Board Meeting)

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