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Another Bicycle Adventure

Posted by Judy Lee on July 23, 2011

Ruth Billings set out for her 50th Central High School reunion on Memorial Day, May 30, from Fort Collins, Colorado and arrived in South Bend, Indiana on June 23, some 1106 miles later. The 67 year old rode her bike alone pedaling about 60 miles per day.

She reports she never felt unsafe or worried about others. She called a friend each night, who had a list of Ruth’s motel destinations, to report her progress and her whereabouts.

She wore a reflective vest to be as visible as possible.

Inspired by an article in Adventure Cycling magazine about a woman doing a similar trip, she decided to attempt the same. She planned her route each day, as she traveled, using maps of trails and bikeways for the most part. At times she rode on highways with clean wide shoulders and on back roads as well from Colorado, through Nebraska, Iowa, Wisconsin, and Michigan and into Indiana.

When she got to Wisconsin she followed bike paths to Lake Michigan. She rode the 40 miles of “Military Ridge” trail to Madison and followed several more paths, the “Glacial Drumlin,” the “New Berlin” trail and on to Milwaukee. There she rode the ferry across Lake Michigan to Muskegon, and continued on along Michigan’s Lake Shore into Indiana. Much of the Lake Shore was familiar from days spent at Lake Michigan as a child.

Ruth was welcomed with admiration and awe at her High School reunion and fielded many questions about her adventure. Of course, she was awarded the longest distance anyone rode on a bike to the event. She was without competition.

This probably will not be her last adventure.

Ruth’s thoughts of wisdom are not to look at the whole of such an overwhelming event but to tackle it in parts. “We reach our goals in little bits.”


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3 Great County Parks — 1 Nice Bike Ride

Posted by 2wheelpeddler on September 19, 2010

Start at any of these 3 sites (check hours of operation 1st, so you don’t get locked out) or if it’s more convienent start at Darden Rd & Riverside Dr. The 3 county parks I’m speaking of are St. Patrick’s, Spicer Lake & Bendix Woods. It’s about 45 mi. to visit all 3 parks. Bendix Woods has a new mountain bike trail being developed by NIMBA.

If 45 mi. isn’t enough try locating some little known St. Joseph County Parks properties, like Chamberlin Lake & Place Trail, If you make it to Place Trail, you will be near Potato Creek State Park. They charge a $2- fee for bikes entering the park. You will find a 3.3 mi. bike path & a 6.6 mi. mountain bike trail, within this park. Now we are talk’in 70 to 80 mi. of riding.

For that century rider add Ferrettie/Baugo Creek County Park on the eatern edge of St. Joseph Co. I’ve done this a couple times, using different routes, but what routes would you use?

Mike McFarland

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Back Door Friends are Best

Posted by bspitzer on July 6, 2009

Just inside the back door of the home I grew up in hangs a small, artsy-craftsy sign that reads, “Back door friends are best.” I suppose that sign still hangs by that back door; truthfully, I haven’t checked in years. But I think that’s a very true sentiment. Only your best friends approach your house at the back door. Formal visitors and strangers would never presume to knock on the back door, and most of us would get creeped out by strangers lurking around the back of our homes.

So what does this have to do with biking . . .

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Goshen Ride of Silence Report

Posted by Adam Bee on May 30, 2009

Don Poole writes a great report of how the May 20th Goshen Ride of Silence went down, after the jump.

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Avenue Bicycle Station Community Ride

Posted by lhierony on April 24, 2009

The Avenue Bicycle Station, with the support of the IU South Bend Health and Wellness Center held its first biweekly community (family friendly) bike ride on April 16th at 6 p.m. This was definitely NOT the spandex and carbon fiber group. Approximately 15 people (2 kids, 4 teenagers, and a 70 year old woman) of all biking abilities participated in either a 3 or 8 mile route, starting at the Avenue Bicycle Station on Mishawaka Ave in River Park. In addition to a variety of cycling levels, there was quite a variety of bicycles, including a 1970s modified Schwinn (banana seat!), a folding bike, an adult tricycle, a cruiser, and single speed track bikes. The folks on who participated were unique as well.

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New Tires for the Monkey Bike?

Posted by Henry Scott on April 24, 2009

I used my folding bike to get from South Bend to Argonne National Lab for the third time this past weekend. Getting to the lab on Friday was a breeze but, unfortunately, I got a flat like I did on similar trip to Pennsylvania last summer. I was unprepared (again.. sigh!) and had to run the bike for 3.5 miles in a cold rain to catch Metra.

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A Good Ride Spoiled

Posted by memooney on April 22, 2009

The first warm-weather ride is always one of happiness and excitement for any cyclist. Unfortunately, my ride was spoiled within miles and served as a reminder that many drivers don’t respect the rights of cyclists.

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How’s Your Riding This Winter?

Posted by Henry Scott on January 10, 2009

Matt Mooney, not deterred, still biking!

Matt Mooney and Bruce Spitzer, not deterred, still biking!

Mine has been less than spectacular. Our first snowy / icy conditions were back in November, if I recall correctly. I hadn’t yet switched to my studded tires and took a spill. I didn’t get hurt, and it was actually kinda funny because prior to my wipeout I thought Phil was silly for using his as of October 19. He definitely gets the last laugh!

Then we had some days near the end of December that gave me pause. It warmed up just enough to produce some slushy ruts in the road — right before temperatures plummeted and froze them in place. Most winters have a few days for which the snow approximates cookie dough consistency, and I simply can’t make my bike go, but there have been very few days that I was afraid to ride. Those icy ruts crossed the line for me. I traveled on foot.

Today looks like riding will be challenging, at least within my neighborhood due to the depth of snow on the streets. It may be another day of walking, rather than riding, but to be honest, I don’t mind. I’ve enjoyed walking more this winter, but then again, I really don’t need to go very far: downtown (home of the wonderful Chicory Cafe and my gym) is only about two miles and my employer is just under one mile from my house.

However, I’ve been wondering how the rest of you, with longer commutes, have been doing this winter. Any stories?

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South Bend to DeKalb (NIU) Via Trains and a Monkey Bike

Posted by Henry Scott on November 22, 2008

I hesitated before buying a folding bicycle because, frankly, I thought I’d hardly use it. And, although it is true that I don’t use it often, the “monkey bike” has added a new dimension to my utility cycling. Now I wonder why I didn’t get one sooner! Here are a few details from my latest trip: from South Bend to DeKalb, IL (home of Northern Illinois University).

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Michiana’s First Courteous Mass

Posted by Henry Scott on September 27, 2008

Michiana had its first “Courteous Mass” last night (9/26), and it was a lot of fun! The turnout was perfect for a trial run: not so many that it was unmanageable, but enough that it had a good group feel. All told we had nine riders, several of whom I had not previously met. Definitely a great group of folks!

We started and ended at Leeper Park and rode just shy of four miles through downtown streets; the furthest we made it from Leeper Park was the Coveleski Stadium. I’m pleased to say that we did not have any adversarial encounters with motorists (as intended for courteous mass!).

With the days getting shorter I’m not sure if we’ll be able to do this again next month, but I definitely look forward to the next installment. Stay tuned!

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