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Have tips for safely biking to destinations in South Bend and surrounding areas? Please post them here and feel free to ask for advice as well.

Latest Michiana Bike Map Now Available

Posted by Henry Scott on July 9, 2012

The latest (May, 2012) BMC bicycle maps are now available. If you didn’t get one during Bike to Work Week, they should soon be showing up in your local bike shop if they aren’t already there. If you’d like, you may also download a high-quality PDF of the map HERE, but note that it is a 4.2-MB download.

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Michiana counts bicycle and pedestrian traffic

Posted by Paul Taylor on July 1, 2012

The City of South Bend, along with bicycle advocates has begun the process of collecting non-motorized traffic counts. On June 14, from 5:00 until 7:00 pm, eight volunteers joined the South Bend Bicycle Coordinator staff in conducting the counts at eight sites in and around South Bend.

All of the count sites were in South Bend, except for Juniper Road, which is in St. Joseph County, just north of the Notre Dame campus. All of the South Bend sites are on a Bike/Ped path or on a street with striped bike lanes; Juniper road was selected, largely because it is slated to be upgraded for safer bicycle traffic in the near future, and this count will make a good baseline. These same sites will be counted periodically, and additional sites will be added in the future.  Volunteer counters were recruited from the Bike Michiana Coalition, Bike the Bend, and Indiana University at South Bend. In order to expand the program, additional volunteers will be needed.

With this count, Michiana is partnering and sharing data with the National Bicycle and Pedestrian Project whose effort provides a consistent model of ongoing data collection for use by planners, governments, and bicycle and pedestrian professionals.

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Signs of spring in South Bend

Posted by Paul Taylor on March 12, 2012

New Wayfinding signs have been recently installed, joining the Bicycle Friendly Community signs which were erected earlier this spring.

A South Bend Bicycle Wayfinding Committee looked at several sign formats used in United States and European cities before selecting the final design. Chris Dressel, South Bend Bicycle Coordinator stated that the installed signs represent just the first phase of the project, and cover two bike routes: 1) University of Notre Dame to Downtown South Bend (via Colfax Avenue and Notre Dame Avenue), and 2) Riverside Trail from Darden Road to Angela Blvd. A total of twenty-four signs have been installed in Phase I, which consists of 16 decision signs and 8 confirmation signs. Mike Divita, a South Bend Planner who worked closely with the Wayfinding Committee compares the sign system to other U.S. cities and believes it is second to none.

Dressel thanked the Bike Michiana Coalition, Bike the Bend, and Grass Roots Media for providing support for the first phase and making planning for the next phase possible. The Bike Michiana Coalition and Bike the Bend, each contributed $2,500 to subsidize the signs.

Judy Lee, BMC President’s reaction was immediate. She said it is “like a dream. The hard work of so many is becoming reality.” Betsy Kwiatkowski  exclaimed in an e-mail “I’ve already seen one sign and it looked awesome!” Glenda Lamont, of Bike the Bend agrees that it is “very good news indeed”, and already is looking forward to Phase II.

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IN-MI Trail News

Posted by Paul Taylor on February 7, 2012

Four things are in the works to move this project closer to completion. The bicycle/pedestrian trail will eventually stretch between Niles, Mich. and Mishawaka, Ind.: and maybe beyond.

Most noteworthy, is the new lease agreement between Niles Township and American Electric Power Co. (AEP) that is in the works. AEP owns a high power line that goes from near the current Niles trail, down to the State Line; they will lease part of the property to Niles Township. Harry Thibault, chairman of the Niles Township Parks Board envisions running the trail down part of that property. Read the rest of this entry »

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New bicycle friendly map published

Posted by Paul Taylor on January 13, 2012

The Southwest Michigan Plan Commission has just published a map that can help cyclists find the best places to ride.  The map shows the low volume roads that cyclists prefer in green. It also highlights roads with a wide shoulder or bike lane. There’s even a listing of state and area parks with a listing of biking and other facilities and you can download it all from   At that site, you can also download maps and listings from other parts of Michigan and get loads of information on biking in the thumb state.

Because of their size, the maps are pretty cumbersome to look at on line, so you may want to get a hard copy. By this time next month, the maps should also be in the hands of Michigan bike shops, or you can order them from MDOT for $5.00 each, from the web site mentioned above.

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South Bend’s Northside Trail Public Hearing

Posted by Paul Taylor on October 28, 2011

The Bike/Ped trail design has been virtually completed, and will be presented to the public at 6:00 on Wednesday, November 2, at the Nuner Primary Center, located at 2716 Pleasant Street.

In the meeting, the public will learn about the design specifics, as well as the impact the trail may have on the historic structures in the area, and a projected construction timetable. After the presentations, there will be a public statement session where citizens will be invited to offer comments.

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South Bend Unveils Plan to Complete River Walk

Posted by Henry Scott on February 17, 2011

The City of South Bend has issued a media release regarding its preferred plan to connect the river walk between South Bend and Mishawaka. South Bend’s river walk currently stops at the IUSB campus, but the new section will extend it to Logan St, and thus provide connectivity to the Mishawaka river walk. For more information, please see the city’s media release or the article published today in the South Bend Tribune (freely available for one week).

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The year in review – good things cycling in 2010

Posted by Paul Taylor on January 2, 2011

This is the time of year to reflect on accomplishments for the year just ended. Here is a short summary of Michiana good things cycling.

Bike to Work Week saw miles ridden in The Corporate Challenge increase to 26,154 from 16,179 (an increase of 74%). Also the number of teams increased to 119 from 111 (an increase of 7%) and South Bend closed off a street so the Bike Michiana Coalition could host an organic blueberry pancake breakfast.

Bike Michiana for Hospice saw the number of riders increase to 475 from 273 (an increase of 102%). Increases are expected again in 2011 since several new features will be added, including a 200 mile route. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Evolution of South Bend’s Bike Network: 2006 to 2010

Posted by Henry Scott on November 18, 2010

South Bend City Planners Chris Dressel and Michael Divita have prepared a series of images showing the growth of South Bend’s bike network over the past few years. The illustrated routes include separated bike / pedestrian paths, striped bicycle lanes and signed routes. For more detailed images, please visit the City’s bicycle page.

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South Bend’s Northside Trail fine tuned at planning meeting

Posted by Paul Taylor on October 30, 2010

Reviewing detail plans and completing surveys

The proposed multi-use path that will hug the north bank of the St. Joseph River between IUSB and Logan Street was discussed in detail at a planning meeting on October 27. Residents of the River Park neighborhood and trail enthusiasts met with city officials and the planning consultant to discuss four alternatives, three of which were new since the last planning meeting.

As with any project, everyone sees good and bad in each of the alternatives, and opinions were voiced freely. There seemed to be, however, unanimous agreement among the 41 attendees that the trail would be a great asset to the neighborhood. It will link up with the Riverwalk in Mishawaka, and the East Race in South Bend. It is part of the IN-MI River Valley Trail system which will someday extend to Niles, Mich. and beyond. Read the rest of this entry »

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