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Maryland Considers 3-ft Passing Law

Posted by Adam Bee on March 26, 2009

A Baltimore columnist makes the case for why even obnoxious cyclists should be protected:

Delegates, imagine your best friend has a young adult son or daughter who is enjoying a glorious day pedaling through the scenic valleys outside Baltimore. That bicyclist is obeying the law, staying as far right as possible. But the driver coming up from behind at 50 mph is in a hurry, feeling stressed and in a bad mood.

Consider the worst – and how you’d explain a “No” vote to your friend.

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Stop Signs

Posted by Adam Bee on December 11, 2008

Stop signs seem to be the #1 point of contention for bike haters.  You don’t have to read too many letters to the editor to get that.

Really, though, how many drivers actually stop?  In my experience drivers do that exact same thing cyclists do.  They slow down enough that they could stop if they had to, check for traffic, and then roll through.

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