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Senate Bill 101 – Three feet please

Posted by Paul Taylor on January 3, 2012

Senator Broden has sponsored a 3 foot passing bill in the Indiana General Assembly. It is slated to be assigned to the Committee on Corrections, Criminal and Civil Matters.

Here’s the legal synopsis of the bill: “Provides that it is a Class C infraction for a person driving a vehicle overtaking a bicycle to not allow at least three feet of clearance between the vehicle and the bicycle and not return to the original lane until the vehicle is safely clear of the bicycle.”

If you want details, or want to follow the political wrangles of the bill, you can do so at

This is the third year that Senator Broden has sponsored a bicycle safety bill. Two years ago there was an ombudsmen bill with many minor provisions. It nearly passed but died in the reconciliation process between the two chambers of the legislature. Last years bill never got to the assembly floor, probably because it included a mandatory helmet provision and received little or no support from the bicycling community.

This year’s effort is a single issue bill: 3 feet please. Tim Maher said “Hopefully this is our year.” Tim has been among the strong supporters of  Sen. Broden’s bike safety efforts.

As a follower of biking issues, I am reminded of the state of Maine. They introduced bicycle safety bills for seven (count ’em 7) consecutive years before a bill was passed. Maine is now one of the most bicycle friendly states in the U.S.

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Mishawaka Mayoral Election news

Posted by Paul Taylor on October 17, 2011

The Bike Michiana Coalition (BMC) sent an online  questionnaire to the candidates for mayor in Mishawaka.  The questionnaire consisted of nine questions.
Dave Wood responded, while Craig Fry did not.  Listed below are the questions and answers to
the questionnaire from Wood. Since Fry did not respond, the BMC has resorted to
a South Bend Tribune report and on archived web site posts to shed light on Fry’s
stance on bicycling. Read the rest of this entry »

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Two new bicycle safety bills in 2011 Indiana General Assembly

Posted by Paul Taylor on February 7, 2011

For the third consecutive legislative session, new bicycle laws are being considered. Both proposals would require youngsters up to 17 years of age wear a helmet. One proposal would add a requirement that motorists passing a bike allow at least three feet clearance. As of February 7, each bill has been assigned to committee, but neither has been heard. Read the rest of this entry »

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Tribune publishes opinion of Bicycle Indiana in VIEWPOINT

Posted by Paul Taylor on November 12, 2010

Nancy Tibbett, Executive Diretor of the statwide bicycling advocacy group submitted the article, which was published earlier this month. She submitted the piece to several newspapers around the state, and the South Bend Tribune was one of the media where it was published. The article follows…

“In recent weeks, Indiana has experienced an unsettling spike in the reports of bicyclists and pedestrians struck by automobiles. Last week’s crash involving a team of cyclists in Bloomington was only the latest in a string of incidents resulting in everything from minor injuries to fatalities.   Read the rest of this entry »

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How they voted

Posted by Paul Taylor on September 26, 2010

As bicyclists focus more attention to the 2010 election campaigns, some will want to keep in mind those candidates with a record that supports safe cycling. In Indiana, there is a good albeit imperfect yardstick for measuring that level of support: how they voted in 2009 on SB553 – the Bicycle and Traffic Safety bill. The majority of incumbents voted in favor of the bill, and it got as far at the reconciliation process before it died.

You can view the SB553 voting records for all Indiana legislators running for re-election at the following site.

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Bicycle friendly bills die in 2010 Indiana Legislature

Posted by Paul Taylor on March 13, 2010

Two bills were introduced this year: SB361 Bicycles and Traffic Safety, and HB1182 Complete Streets. Both died.

The Bicycles and Traffic Safety bill was almost identical to a bill that nearly passed in 2009, but it failed to gain traction this year.

The Complete Streets bill would have benefited pedestrians as much, perhaps more, than cyclist. It would have given Indiana a legal description of a ‘Complete Street’: a street or roadway designed for all users (not just motor vehicles).

  Read the rest of this entry »

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SB0361 – New bicycle bill for 2010 is introduced

Posted by Paul Taylor on January 18, 2010

In 2009 a bill was introduced and passed both chambers of the legislature, but died in the reconciliation process.

A similar bill, SB0361 has been introduced by Sen. John Broden. This bill is nearly identical to the 2009 bill as passed by the House. The bill has most of the provisions requested by cyclists, but also contains some objectionable provisions. In all, most cyclists agree that it is a giant step forward, and can win enough votes to become law.

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Indiana Bicycle Safety Legislation for 2010

Posted by Paul Taylor on August 7, 2009

In 2009, we came very close to getting a bill pased. The legislative team has already started work on the 2010 campaign, and we expect Indiana to be a more bicycle friendly state come next year.

Read more details here

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SB553 – Bicycles and Traffic Safety Bill Passes

Posted by Paul Taylor on March 31, 2009

Nancy Tibbett was in the gallery at today’s House session. Here are the highlights of the session.

  • The bill passed 60 – 36.
  • Several Representatives spoke before the vote: she didn’t get the names of all of them, but all were in favor except Craig Fry, who said something like “bicyclists would not need to worry about getting hit if they stayed off the roads”.
  • Tim Neese was one of the speakers in favor of the bill.
  • One person who spoke in favor was a motorcyclist, who noted that the single-file rule was ill advised: “how can a cyclist pass another bike and remain in single file?”

Next step is the reconciliation process. There, the group will reconcile the differences between the House and Senate versions. Here are the differences.

  • the 3′ clearance rule was added
  • tail light requirement was removed
  • carrying a bundle provision was added back in, but with exceptions for  ‘personal care’ items such as holding a water bottle
  • prohibition of riding double on state and federal highways was added
  • requirement of a bell was removed

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South Bend Mayor Endorses SB553 ‘Bicycles and Traffic Safety’

Posted by Paul Taylor on March 10, 2009

Mayor Luecke has urged Indiana Legislators in Michiana to support the bill that is winding its way through the General Assembly. He has also urged lawmakers to reinstate the 3-foot passing rule, a provision of the original bill that was deleted in the final version by the Senate. Following is the text of Mayor Luecke’s letter: Read the rest of this entry »

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